Streaming is sometimes thankless and regularly challenging

We understand there are psychological and physiological risks that can be associated with streaming regularly and this network seeks to give us all a place to share our concerns and overcome these challenges together.


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What is Infinite Quality? 

Infinite Quality (IQ) is a group of like minded streamers who created a resource center for Affiliates who are serious about the growth of their streams.

What type of resources are available to an IQ member? 

We have a robust members website with informative posts created by members.  A members list to help you find other members to network with.  And finally free streamer upgrades where you can download animated and static graphics to upgrade your stream quality.  

What resources are free and what are paid? 

IQ is completely free. The free content will be both abundant and quality.  All current resources are free and supported by the community.  Our community supporters help keep our website running and as our support grows we will add more features to the community and website.  To learn more about supporting us please visit:

Is this a Team?

IQ has an optional twitch team, but IQ as a community is not a team. Joining the IQ team just allows us to give you added benefits through our website, but joining the IQ team is 100% optional. 

You might find our logo in streamers panels, this is a free way to support the community and invite new members.  As IQ grows so does it's overall value to every member.  You are free to join any teams and work with any streamers you would like.  Our community goals include helping streamers get creative and offering them visual tools to do so.


Who is IQ and what makes their content unique and effective?

We have graphic artists with 20 years of experience, animators, men and women with degrees in business growth and finance, frontmen from bands who understand presentation and performance, as well as community leaders who are constantly studying content creation and the streaming industry.

We offer free unique motion graphics and OBS tricks and advice are rarely executed well on twitch.

Twitch is not about games. It’s a business about people. The leadership at IQ have a fresh view that has proven to positively impact streams and community engagement in ways that work. As you get to know the community, we are confident you will be impressed with the application of our members knowledge, skills, and humility.


How can I know these resources are effective?

Since the inception of IQ we have had a huge percentage of members grow their channel and improve their quality.  We have helped streamers grow their channels, network with others, and reach their goals on twitch.  They can tell you themselves how much IQ has impacted their stream! Feel free to ask any member of IQ how they feel about the community and the impact IQ has had on their stream.  Still not convinced?  Look up our stats on sullygnome, see how our team stats have improved since Nov 2018. 

Testimonials coming soon, checkout the IQ podcast for more!

This is a network for serious minded twitch affiliates.

The expectation is that you will follow the Twitch Terms of Service & the Community Guidelines, while using the site and discord community. 

IQ Features

Youtube Tutorials - Weekly

Helpful videos on streaming and gear brought to you by TheSunnyMachine

IQ Podcast - Wednesdays

Checkout the IQ podcast, Wednesday Nights at 4:00pm Pacific / 7:00pm Eastern - Live on

Live Streaming Art and Media Upgrade - Most Sundays

Hangout with IQ artists live on Twitch Sunday Afternoon at 12:30pm Pacific / 3:30pm Eastern!  Be apart of the creation of free graphics made for IQ community members.

WatchWithUs - Discord Movies and Shows!

IQ is building a special discord for regular events like Movie Nights, Anime binge-watching, Netflix Marathons, and more!  This discord will be available for non-IQ members. IQ members can invite their community and meet new friends from other IQ twitch communities.