Streaming is sometimes thankless and regularly challenging

We understand there are psychological and physiological risks that can be associated with streaming regularly and this network seeks to give us all a place to share our concerns and overcome these challenges together.

This is a network for serious minded twitch affiliates. The expectation is that you will follow general twitch TOS & Community Guidelines, and common decency, while using the site and discord community.  We ask that all our streamers get to know this document well:

What is Infinite Quality? <- Click to Expand!

What is Infinite Quality? 

Infinite Quality (IQ) is a resource center for Twitch.Tv Affiliates who are serious about the growth of their streams.

What type of resources are available to an IQ member? 

The leadership and staff at IQ have provided and will continue to provide a growing library of graphical upgrades, social connections, and tutorial content to not just help improve a members visual quality while live streaming but to develop proper practices that result in real growth. 

What resources are free and what are paid? 

The difference between IQ and other resource groups is that IQ wants to show its content is valuable. The free content will be both abundant and quality. Everything is community supported and driven.  All current resources are free and supported by the community.  To learn more about supporting us please visit:

Is this a Team?

No, IQ is not a team.  There is a panel graphic requirement if you do join with a link back to the main site, but you are free to join any teams and work with any streamers you would like.  Our goals are to help streamers get creative and offer them visual tools to do so.

Who is IQ and what makes their content unique and effective?

Infinite Quality consists of members with a wide variety of expertise. Many of which you will never have heard of in the Twitch community. The thing that makes us as a whole effective is our varied background. We have graphic artists with 20 years of experience, animators, men and woman with degrees in business growth and finance, frontmen from bands who understand presentation and performance, as well as community leaders who look at Twitch in a different way than the previous generation of streamers ever have. Twitch is not about games. It’s a business about people. The staff and leadership at IQ have a fresh view that has proven to positively impact streams and community engagement in ways that work. As you get to know the leadership, we are confident you will be impressed with the application of our knowledge, skills, and humility.

How can I know these resources are effective?

Come join us and see!

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